• [2017] Don Bosco - Department of Mathematics - Visit to AMD
    Feb 28

    Visit to Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (AMD )

    Atomic minerals directorate(AMD) is basically a development of atomic energy and plays a very important role in the front and back ends of nuclear fuel cycle. Its major role is to identify the atomic mineral resources . The target areas are identified based on the interpretation of photological and remote sensing data and available geological information. This is followed by heliborne gamma-ray spectrometer. The potential areas delineted by heliborne surveys are taken up for ground reconnaissance radiometrics using portable gamma-ray measuring instruments. But heliborne surveys cannot be done everywhere as it is cost effective. So to avoid that a gamma-ray spectrometer kind device is fixed in satellites which can detect the areas containing potential radioactive concentration. After the areas are identified they are taken up for ground reconnaissance radio metrics. Once the uranium potentiality of an area is established, the areas are further explored for concealed mineralisation. Further the exploration take place in various stages such as sub-surface drilling, prosperity and exploration. The beach sands of few locations contain rich concentration of heavy mineral resources . AMD identifies such heavy mineral rich places, sand regions along the costal and estimate the resources of individual minerals.
  • [5 - 7 January 2017] Don Bosco - Department of Mathematics - International Conference
    Jan 05

    Current Trends in Engineering Science and Technology (ICCT-2017)

    International Conference on Current Trends in Engineering Science and Technology provides academia and Industry. A forum to discuss the latest technological advances and Research in the fields of Engineering fields and technology, Electronics and communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, Information Science and Telecommunication Engineeering and Civil Engineering aimed for bring Scientists science Rersearcher and Scholar to exchange and share their experiences about all aspects of various Engineering and science domain in one platform. The Professionals and Research Scholars from Regional, National and International levels were invited to present their work in this Conference.
  • [2016] Don Bosco - Department of Mathematics - International Conference
    Dec 23

    International Conference on Mathematical Modelling [ICMM-2016]

    It’s a great day of Enlightenment to the community of mathematicians of the country. DBIT campus vibrated with academic excellence where in more than 200+ faculty members and research scholars participated in the conference. The conference was ornamented with the galaxy of intellectuals both from India and Abroad. The conference welcome note delivered by DR. R. Prakash, Principal DBIT. The theme of mathematical modeling and its importance on Multi Disciplinary areas enlightened by DR. P Shrinivasrao, Executive Dean DBGI. An ocean coverage of Mathematical Modeling and the various development that has been witnessed in Engineering, Science and Technology which were critically analyzed by the Chief Guest of the function Dr C K Subbaraya, President ISTE Karnataka & Principal AIT Chickkamagaluru. The Graph theory and its relevance focused by Dr. Ayman Badawi, Professor, American University of Sharjah, UAE. The Fluid Dynamics and its importance was deleberated by Dr. Sivasankaran Sivanandam, Professor, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. A critical analysis and high impact note on Mathematical Modeling with a special focus on fluid dynamics was delivered by Dr. Pradeep G Siddeshwar, Professor Bangalore University. The inaugural ceremony was concluded by Professor R. Nataraj, HOD (S & H) and team of faculty with vote of thanks.
  • [2014] Don Bosco - Department of Mathematics - Guest lecture
    Oct 10

    Guest lecture on Generalized Derivatives

    The Guest lecture was held on Generalized Derivatives . He spoke about its application in Engineering and how it can be helpful for higher Engineering students in applying in their core subjects.
    Topics Covered : Generalized Derivatives
    Key Learning’s: : Learning further advanced derivatives .
  • [2013] Don Bosco - Department of Mathematics - Guest lecture
    Oct 25

    Guest lecture on aspects of Linear Algebra

    The Guest lecture was held on Some aspects of Linear Algebra and how its applied in Engineering Subjects .
    Topics Covered : Linear Algebra some connected basics formula
    Key Learning’s: : Interaction with the students was Good .
  • [2013] Don Bosco - Department of Mathematics - Guest lecture
    Oct 07

    Guest lecture on Rating , Ranking and Mathematics

    The Guest lecture was held on Rating , Ranking and Mathematics
    Topics Covered : Rating , Ranking and Mathematics
    Key Learning’s: : Rating , Ranking and Mathematics , which is useful for I and II Semester Students to find the rank and Rating any Mathematical Expression
  • [2013] Don Bosco - Department of Mathematics - Workshop
    Sep 25

    Training on Mathamatica Software

    This Workshop help the Research scholars to workout in Mathematica Software.
    Topics Covered : Differential Equations and Integral equations.
  • [Sep 29 - Oct 1 - 2011] Don Bosco - Department of Mathematics - National Workshop
    Sep 25

    Mathematical Modelling and Applications

    This Conference aims to describe the different aspect of real world problems there interaction through Mathematics. The real life examples from various Engineering problems were discussed
    Topics Covered : Fluid Dynamics, Graph Theory, Fuzzy Logic, Real Analysis, Number theory.



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