• [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - WORKSHOP
    August 25


    • Total Number of Participants: 30
    • Participants Semester: 5th Semester
    • Organizers: Department of ECE under Electronica Forum
    Topics Covered :
    1.JOURNEY OF 2G TO 5G.
    2. 5G Future
    The evolution of LTE does not end with LTE advanced (release 10) rather continues to evolve into further releases. Each new release further enhances system performance and adds new capabilities with new application areas. Some of the additional applications, benefiting from mobile connectivity, are home automation, smart transportation, security, etc. 5G technology offer high speed bandwidth for crazy cell phone users.
    Attendees View Point :
    Students were overwhelmed with introduction of 2G-5G evolution and hands- on experience on NS2 tool.(as inferred from the feedback forms).
  • [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - One Day Workshop
    August 25

    One Day Workshop on MultiSIM

    MultiSIM is an electronic schematic capture and simulation program which is part of a suite of circuit design programs, along with NI Ultiboard. Multisim is one of the few circuit design programs to employ the original Berkeley SPICE based software simulation. Multisim was originally created by a company named Electronics Workbench, which is now a division of National Instruments. Multisim includes microcontroller simulation (formerly known as MultiMCU), as well as integrated import and export features to the Printed Circuit Board layout software in the suite, NI Ultiboard. Multisim is widely used in academia and industry for circuits education, electronic schematic design and SPICE simulation.
  • [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - Three Day workshop
    August 11

    Three Day workshop on MATLAB

    This workshop provided an opportunity to the participants to get introduced to the intricate basics of Digital Image Processing using MATLAB. The objective of this training was to provide knowledge in Image Processing to staff, researchers & students of DBIT.
    Topics Covered:
    • Basics of MATLAB
    • Image processing tool box
    • Morphology operations
    • Segmentation algorithms
    • Development of algorithms
    Key Learning’s:
    1. Participants will be able to understand applications of MATLAB in Image, signal processing and communication sector.
    2. Participants will be able to carry out mini/Major projects on MATLAB at undergraduate level.
    Attendees View Point :
    • Participants felt the beyond academic activity as a platform to learn new things that brings added information to their academic subjects.
    • The time provided was less and felt the workshop should be conducted for five full working days.
    • Opportunity for the participants to get introduced to the intricate basics of Digital Image Processing using MATLAB and start pilot projects.
    • Shortage of computer facilities made participants to share the resource.
  • [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - Technical paper presentation
    April 30

    Technical paper presentation

    The event “Technical Paper Presentation” was held on 30-04-2016 at 10.00 A M in Lecture Hall A-307. The students of all the semesters participated in the event coordinated by Mr. S.C.Biradar, Mrs. Tejaswini M L. No. Of Teams Participated in the event are16 Teams.
    Chief Guest :
    Prof. Venkatesh. P, HOD,Dept. Of TCE, Dr.P.S. Sathyanarayana, Professor, Dept. of ECE
    Technical paper presentation event is inaugurated by Prof. Venkatesh. P, HOD,Dept. Of TCE.
    During the Event:
    Students from all semesters presented papers on recent trends in VLSI, Communication, Image Processing and Embedded Systems etc.
    Event Conclusion/vote of thanks:
    All the papers that are Presented in this event are from reputated journals like IEEE, Elsevier, ACM and Springer.
    Winner details:
    First Prize :Priya.U.P, Puja Deb(6th Sem, B section)
    Second Prize :Navyashree.K.N, Nayana.E.P (4th Sem, D section)
    Third Prize :Apoorva, Chaithra M J (8th Sem, A section)
  • [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - Programming contest
    April 09

    Programming contest

    170 students participated in the event it has been conducted in three rounds finally 3 groups got the prize First prize for the team with team members Chandana S Ram and Chaitra N of 8th sem Second Prize Damini R Gowda and Shilpashree G S of 8th sem B sec Tejaswini Jayashankar and Sanketh vithal Jadav of 6th A got 3rd prize.
  • [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - KHO-KHO SPORT
    March 10

    KHO-KHO SPORT - Electronica Forum

    The sport “KHO KHO” was held on 10-03-2016. The students of all the semesters participated in the sport. Total 8 teams are participated in the sport. The sport started in DBIT campus with all the participants gathered. The judges for the event were Mrs. Bhagya P, Associate Professor, ECE and Mrs. Shruthi G, Assistant Professor, ECE. Winners are from IV sem B sec, Runners-1 are from VIII sem B sec and Runners-2 are from VI sem A sec. List of participants are given below:
    First Prize :Sushma N, Preetham Benni, Ranjitha U, Shruthi G, Achladi Deeksha Bhat A, Vinutha R, Sandhya A, Akshatha Prabhu, Yashaswini V, Harshitha Adiga, Bhavya N (4th Sem, B section)
    Second Prize :Angadi Veena, Damini R Gowda, Shilpashree G S , Rasajnya Kulkarni, Sneha P Tiwari, MeghaShree J, Aishwarya J, Veena H S, Ramya M R, Jyothi, Sindhu J (8th Sem, B section)
    Third Prize :Mahalakshmi S, Tejaswini Jayashanker, Vanitha R, Shruthi G S, Tejaswini A, Simran Razvi, Usha P S, Rakshitha V K, Shwetha A S, Anusha MG, Yashaswini SL, UMA PODDAR, (6th Sem, A section)
  • [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - Photography Event
    March 10

    Photography Event

    Inauguration :
    The event started in the seminar Hall with all the participants gathered. The judges for the event were Mr.Chandrashekar N S, Associate Profesor ,ECE, Mr.Suresh H.S, Associate Professor,ECE and Mrs.Babita S,Associate Professor,ECE.
    During the Event :
    The themes were given to the students and time was allotted.Each group n individual contestants were given a volunteer from ECE during which the photos were taken. Finally the photo’s were presented with their unique descriptions.
    Event Conclusion/vote of thanks :
    The event was concluded with the the second round photograpghy the next day and the vote of thanks was given by Prof. Jai Prakash Prasad. The event was a huge success which the students cherished a lot.
    Winner details :The winners of the mobile category are
    First Prize :Rakshitha – 6th A
    Second Prize :Naresh – 4th B
    Third Prize :Pavan – 6th B
    Winner details :The Winners of the Digital category are
    First Prize :Vishnu Padmakumar – 4th A
    Second Prize :B.N.Karthik – 4th C
    Third Prize :Roopesh –6th A.
  • [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - Throw Ball
    March 03

    Throw Ball - Electronica Forum

    Inauguration :
    The inauguration was carried out in the presence of HOD ECE, Dr. Kumarswamy, Head of Physical Education, DBIT and the chief guest Mrs. Bhagya. P, Associate Professor, Dept. Of ECE.
    During the Event :
    The event started at 1.45Pm and Throw ball matches started parallely at 2 courts.
    Event Conclusion/vote of thanks :
    vote of thanks was given by Mrs.Tejaswini M L, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of ECE, DBIT.
    Winner details :
    First Prize :4th B- Preetham Benni, Ranjitha U, Tejaswini R, Shruthi G, Sneha M, Ashwini N, Harshitha Adiga, Deepika N, Sandhya A, Likitha MB.
    Second Prize :6th B- Sushma, Sumangala, Nikhitha, Pooja BS, Amulya, Poojashree, Vidya M, Megha, Geetha, Supreetha, Sheetal, Minal, Pooja Deb.
    Third Prize :8th B- Rasajnya Kulkarni, Damini R Gowda, Sowmya Sreenath, Sneha P Tiwari, MeghaShree J, Aishwarya J, Shilpashree GS, Madhushree, Veena HS.
  • [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - Technical Quiz
    Feb 20

    Technical Quiz

    Technical Quiz event was conducted both in written & oral discipline for all semester students with the topics related to the basics of all engineering disciplines, daily life science phenomenon, basics of practical applications, current affairs in science and technology.
    Oral Quiz:
    No. Of Teams Participated: 17 Teams
    The 5 teams were selected for Final round after scrutinizing the teams in Preliminary, Round1 & Round2.

    First Prize:
    Sushma(6th Sem, B sec),Rakshitha (6th Sem, B sec),Sumangala (6th Sem, B sec).
    Second Prize:
    Likith (6th Sem, B sec),Lohith (6th Sem, B sec),Bheemesh (6th Sem, B sec).
    Third Prize::
    Manasa B (4th Sem, A sec), Bindu A (4th Sem, A sec), Ravella Akhilla (4th Sem, A sec).
    Written Quiz:
    No. Of Teams Participated: 54 Teams
    The 3 teams were announced as winners in the final round after scrutinizing the teams in Preliminary & Round1.
    First Prize:Sasha Philip (8th Sem, B sec), Ramya M R (8th Sem, B sec).
    Second Prize:Shravya (6th Sem, B sec), Amulya (6th Sem, B sec).
    Third Prize::Veena (4th Sem, B sec), Likitha (4th Sem, B sec).
  • [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - Electronica Forum
    Feb 13

    Photo Collage - Electronica Forum

    Collage is a Team building activity to increase creative thinking and interaction among peers
    Topics Covered :
    Pictorial Arrangement of events in order. Ex: ISRO’S MARS ORBITAL Mission
    Key Learning’s :
    Creative thinking, Brain Storming, Co-Ordination, Time Management
  • [2016] DBIT - Electronics & Communication - Electronica Forum
    Feb 20

    Story Telling - Electronica Forum

    Story telling event was conducted by co-ordinator Mrs. Shubha G.N. and Mr. Sharanabasappa. K on 6-02- 2016 from 12.15 PM to 4.45 PM in Dr. Abul Kalam Seminar Hall. Mr. Rajashekar Gouda Patil and Mr. Sangam H were the judges for the event. There were 26 participants who were judged based on communication skills, body language, expressions and presentation. Story Telling Winners were:
    First Prize:PRIYA U P – VI B
    Third Prize::POOJA C – VIII B



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