A computer network is a collection or set of computing devices connected to one another to establish communication and also share available resources. A computer network will comprise of software and hardware devices. You can have a computer network even if you are not connected to the internet. Computer networks make it possible for people to transfer files from one place to another and to communicate taking the shortest time possible. Computer network finds its application in Access to remote information, person to person communication, Interactive entertainment, Electronic commerce.
Companies which works on computer networks are:
Cisco,D-link india ltd, Datalink, HCL com-net system & services, Intel technology india pvt ltd, Juniper network, NDS ltd India, Net connect pvt ltd, NetAPP systems(india) pvt ltd, Nokia india pvt ltd, Siemens , Wipro infotech, Wipro ltd, Lucent Technologies, AT&T, Bell

Course objectives
On completion of this subject, students will be expected to :
Learn different Encryption schemes.
Study working of Different protocols of different layers network.
Study about Different system calls.
Learn how to use system calls to implement in program.
Study different routing techniques like Dijkstra’s, Prims algorithms.
Study remote procedure calls, telnet and r-login.

Course outcome
On completion of this lab students will be able to:
To understand the working of different encryption scheme.
To under the working different routing algorithms.
To know how to implement inter process communication and TCP/IP communication.

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