The experiments are designed to ensure that the students are capable of designing transmission line circuits, microwave active and passive components, antennas. Throughout the lab experiments students use advanced measurement equipment including digital oscilloscope, VSWR indicator, Microwave benches, Directional couplers, Magic TEE setups, Circulator and Isolators, Micro strip patch antenna steps (automated & switches), Horn and parabolic antenna setups.
The students study the operation and characteristics of microwave sources such as klystron and Gunn diodes, load impedance and standing wave measurements, antenna gain and radiation pattern measurements.

Course objectives
On completion of this subject, students will be expected to :
Understand the concepts of S-parameters (transmission and reflection).
Understand the concepts of standing waves, VSWR, and reflection from a mismatch load.
Determine the impedance loading the end of a transmission line.
Analyze passive and active microwave devices.

Course outcome
On completion of this lab students will be able to :
Able to handle microwave equipment and make measurements.
Able to describe, analyze and design simple microwave circuits and devices example matching circuits, couplers, antennas and amplifiers.
Explain how an antenna radiates and capture radio wave energy from the concepts of radiation.
Able to describe the working of waveguide tees and phase shifters.

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