The area of digital signal processing has advanced rapidly over the last four decades. This advancement is attributed to the progress in digital computer technology and integrated circuit fabrications. There are many reasons why the digital processing of an analog signal is preferred over the signal processing directly in analog domain.
This lab introduces students to DSP design and analysis techniques that are core knowledge for DSP engineers, and which serve as solid grounding for advanced level work in DSP. This lab aims at supporting the teaching and research activities in the area of DSP, which are currently being used. The Digital Signal Processing Lab comprises of test and measurement equipment for doing advanced research and development work in digital signal processing field. The Lab is equipped with complete set of Hardware and Software to perform DSP experiments

Course objectives
On completion of this subject, students will be expected to
Study the importance of Sampling Theorem with its conditions in Time Domain and Frequency Domain.
Study about how to plot the impulse Response of the system.
Study about Linear and circular convolution.
Study of Auto correlation and Cross correlation of sequences.
Study about how to find the DFT and IDFT of the system .
Study the design and implementation of IIR and FIR filters

Course outcome
On completion of this lab students will be able to:
Verify the process of sampling and sampling rate selection.
Find the Impulse Response, Linear convolution and Circular Convolution of Given sequences.
Find the Auto Correlation and Cross Correlation of the given sequences
Find the N point Discrete Fourier Transform(DFT) and Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform of the sequence
Design and implement FIR Filter
Design and implement IIR Filter

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