The microprocessor is a programmable integrated device that has computing and decision-making capability similar to that of the central processing unit(CPU) of the computer. When microprocessor works as a CPU, then the system is called a microcomputer, The impact of microprocessor in different lures of fields is significant. The availability of low cost, low power and small weight, computing capability makes it useful in different applications. Now a days, a microprocessor based systems are used in instructions, automatic testing product, speed control of motors, traffic light control , light control of furnaces etc. Some of the important areas are mentioned below: Instrumentation, Control, Communication, Office Automation and Publication, Consumer Electronics.

Companies which works on microprocessor application are:
ABB global services ltd, AMD india engineering centre pvt ltd, ARM embedded technologies pvt ltd, Broadcom corporation, Delphi automotive systems, GE health care, Honeywell, Goodrich aerospace, Intel technology india pvt ltd, Juniper networks, Motorola, Nvidia graphics, Phillips Research Asia, Robert Bosch, TATA Elxsi, Texas Instruments india ltd, Toshiba embedded software india pvt ltd and many moreā€¦

Course objectives
This laboratory course enables students to
Get familiarize with 8086 instructions and DOS 21H interrupts and function calls. Develop and test assembly language programs to use instructions of 8086.
Get familiarize with interfacing of various peripheral devices with 8086 microprocessor for simple applications.

Course outcome
On the completion of this laboratory course, the students will be able to:
Program a microprocessor to perform arithmetic, logical and data transfer applications.
Understand assembler directives, DOS Interrupts, branch and loop operations. Interface a microprocessor to various devices for simple applications.
Effectively utilize microprocessor peripherals.
Utilize procedures and macros for modular programming.

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