A course in Linear Integrated Circuits is an essential part of a well-rounded Telecommunication engineering and Electronics and communication engineering curriculum. With hands-on experiments significantly improving the understanding and visualization of complex subject matters, a series of laboratory experiments have been developed. The Linear Integrated Circuits lab course introduces the concept and application of operational amplifiers, timers. Laboratory assignments clarify textbook formulas and examples, as well as help to close the gap between theory and real-life problems.

Course objectives
This laboratory course enables students to
Design, Demonstrate and Analyze instrumentation amplifier, filters, DAC, adder, differentiator and integrator circuits, using op-amp.
Design, Demonstrate and Analyze multivibrators and oscillator circuits using Op-amp
Design, Demonstrate and Analyze analog systems for AM, FM and Mixer operations.
Design, Demonstrate and Analyze balance modulation and frequency synthesis. Demonstrate and Analyze pulse sampling and flat top sampling.

Course outcome
This laboratory course enables students to
Gain hands-on experience in building analog systems for a given specification using the basic building blocks.
Gain hands-on experience in AM and FM techniques, frequency synthesis Gain hands-on experience in pulse and flat top sampling techniques
Make the right choice of an IC and design the circuit for a given application. Design and analyze the performance of instrumentation amplifier, LPF, HPF, DAC and oscillators using linear IC.
Understand the applications of Linear IC for addition, integration and 555 timer operation to generate signals/pulses.

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