The DE Lab is for undergraduate coursework related to the course Digital Electronics.. This lab is designed such that the students get a hands on familiarity with the concepts they come across in the Digital Electronics course. It is one of the core modules of Telecommunication Engineering as it provides the prerequisites for advance courses in digital electronics. Because of the significance of this course the DE Lab has been carefully designed to meet the course requirement. The Lab is well equipped with both hardware and software facilities required by the students to perform the necessary experiments designed for this lab. Experiments are designed in such a way that the students become well aware of the concepts they learn in the theory sessions. Experiments are related to both digital hardware and software.

Course objectives
This laboratory course enables students to get practical experience in design, realization and verification of
Demorgan’s Theorem, SOP, POS forms
Full/Parallel Adders, Subtractors and Magnitude Comparator
Multiplexer using logic gates
Demultiplexers and Decoders
Flip-Flops, Shift registers and Counters

Course outcome
On the completion of this laboratory course, the students will be able to
Demonstrate the truth table of various expressions and combinational circuits using logic gates.
Design, test and evaluate various combinational circuits such as adders, subtractors, comparators, multiplexers and demultiplexers.
Construct flips-flops, counters and shift registers.
Simulate full adder and up/down counters.

Facilities available
In this laboratory there are sufficient number of working benches (nearly 10), so that the students can work comfortably. Each of the benches are fully equipped with:
Digital IC Trainer kit
Digital IC Tester

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