Foundry & Forging Lab

Foundry is a process of shaping the metal components in their molten stage. It is the also called as metal casting the shape and size of the metal casting is obtained depends on the shape and size of the cavity produced in sand mould by using wooden/ metal pattern. Casting is the cheapest and most direct way of producing the shape of the component, Casting is best suited to work where components required is in low quantity, Complicated shapes having internal openings and complex section variation can be produced quickly and cheaply by casting since liquid metal can flow into any form/ shape. Periodic tests are necessary to determine the essential qualities of foundry sand. The most important tests to be conducted for any foundry sand are Compression, shear and tensile strength test on universal sand testing machine, Permeability test, Core and mould hardness test, Sieve analysis to find the grain fineness number of base sand, Clay content determination in base sand.

Forging is a process of shaping the metal components in cold or hot condition by the application of impact or pressure but the primary difference between various forging methods is the rate which the energy is applied to the work piece. Forging is generally used for those components which require high strength and resistance to shock or vibration sudden impact of load and uniform properties. In this lab the students exposed to learn forging operations like Drawing down, Upsetting or Jumping up, Punching, Swaging, Bending, Fullering, Extruding etc.

On completion of this laboratory students will be able to demonstrate various skills of sand preparation, sand testing, moulding, casting, forging operations and provide an insight into different foundry and forging tools and equipments.

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