C I M & Automation Lab

Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) is the manufacturing approach of using computers to control the entire production process. This integration allows individual processes to exchange information with each other and initiate actions. Although manufacturing can be faster and less error-prone by the integration of computers, the main advantage is the ability to create automated manufacturing processes. Computer-integrated manufacturing is used in automotive, aviation, space, and ship building industries. The term "computer-integrated manufacturing" is both a method of manufacturing and the name of a computer-automated system in which individual engineering, production, marketing, and support functions of a manufacturing enterprise are organized. CIM is a manufacturing approach that provides a complete automation of a manufacturing facility. All the operations are controlled by computers and have a common storage and distribution. CIM is a combination of different applications and technologies like CAD, CAM, computer-aided engineering, robotics, manufacturing resource planning and enterprise management solutions. It can also be considered as an integration of all enterprise operations that work with a common data repository.

The laboratory is equipped with Computer systems with latest software like Edge Cam and CADEM, used in designing the various mechanical components and to learn about simulation of the same. This Laboratory is equipped with XLTURN a CNC Lathe machine which help the students to get training on these sophisticated CNC machines. The lab has RCS- UNIVERSAL ROBOTIC KIT with which the Students will learn to achieve perfection in production of precision components. The students are exposed to the latest manufacturing trends. Students write CNC part programs for simulation of machining operations such as Turning, Drilling & Milling and programs for Flexible Manufacturing Systems & Robotics.

The expected outcome of Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Automation lab is that the students will be able to write CNC part programs for simulation of machining operations such as Turning, Drilling & Milling. To understand & write programs for Flexible Manufacturing Systems & Robotics. To understand the operating principles of hydraulics, pneumatics and electro– pneumatic systems.

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