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Workshop is a place of work for preparing variety of jobs/products by using different kinds of Instruments, hand tools and Machines. In order to prepare the products in workshop, the workshop is divided in to many branches according to nature of work. Viz., fitting shop, carpentry/wood turning, Welding shop, Sheet metal shop.

Fitting is the process of assembling two or more metal parts together by removing excess material so as to obtain a required fit. Welding is the process of joining similar metals by application of heat, with or without application of pressure or filler material. Sheet metal is the job of making sheet metal products using flat sheet metal with the help of hand tools and simple machines. The sheet metal finds its application in making metal boxes, cones, funnels, utensils, ducts, bodies of vehicles, fridges, ducts etc, Before making any model/product, the development has to be drawn on the sheet metal and then followed by cutting, folding and finishing to form the required shape of the object.

Our workshop is equipped with different machines like Bench drilling machine, power hacksaw, wood cutting machine, bench grinding machine, Arc welding machine and hand tools like fitting tools, welding tools, sheet metal tools etc.,. By using above machines and tools, different models of fitting(Vee, Square, Dove tail), Welding(lap joint, Butt joint, Angular joint, L joint), Sheet metal(pentagonal prism, Hexagonal prism, Truncated square pyramid, cone, funnel, tray) can be prepared.

At the end of the course, the student will be able to demonstrate the use of different workshop tools and produce different types of models in fitting, welding, soldering and sheet metal.

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