Computer Networks Lab

Information Science & Engineering currently offers Computer Network Laboratory course to all undergraduate students. In this laboratory the students are introduced with basics of Network Fundamentals and the ways in which the various methods of accomplishing this are implemented. This lab enhances learning of basic studies of Network devices such as Router, Nodes, Host, Hub, Sockets etc.
Become familiar with widely- used Internet protocols such as HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, etc.
Obtain hands-on experience using network sockets
Implement a basic networking system such as a generic client-server model.
To know different general techniques for networking tasks, such as error control, flow control, switching and routing.

Facilities Available
The Department has an enviable collection of facilities for computer Networks Lab. There are over 30 workstations and PCs using a variety of operating systems (primarily Linux and Windows), numerous items of specialized equipment, and extensive collections of advanced software. These labs provide the space required to carry out Experiments in the general area of communications with emphasis on the lower level protocol layers. In addition to the computing facilities, which are used for software development and simulation work.

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