Microcontrollers Lab

Microcontrollers are used in wide variety of applications right from day to day life applications such as automatically controlled products and devices, industrial control drives like automobile engine control systems, implantable medical devices, remote controls, office machines, appliances, power tools, toys and other embedded systems as well as modern metering and measurement devices.
The lab is equipped with 8051 Microcontroller Kit and interfacing units such as ADC interface module, 7- segment display with calculator type KBD interface, Dual DAC interface, DC motor interface with DC motor, Computers, Toggle switch interface module and MSP 430 Micro Controller kit giving an hands on experience about the programming and utilization of microcontrollers.

Course Objectives

Data Transfer - Block move, Exchange
Sorting the array, Finding largest element in an array.
Arithmetic Instructions - Addition/subtraction, multiplication and division
Square, Cube – (16 bits Arithmetic operations – bit addressable).
operation of counters
Boolean & Logical Instructions (Bit manipulations).
Conditional CALL & RETURN
Code conversion: BCD – ASCII; ASCII – Decimal; Decimal - ASCII; HEX - Decimal and Decimal -HEX .
Programs to generate delay, Programs using serial port and on-Chip timer / counter
Simple Calculator using 6 digit seven segment displays and Hex Keyboard interface to 8051.
Alphanumeric LCD panel and Hex keypad input interface to 8051.
External ADC and Temperature control interface to 8051.
Generate different waveforms Sine, Square, Triangular, Ramp etc. using DAC interface to 8051. change the frequency and amplitude.
Stepper and DC motor control interface to 8051.
Elevator interface to 8051

Course Outcomes

Able to Exchange the data between 2 locations, able to transfer data from 1 location to other.
Able to sort the elements in an array, can also find the largest element in an array.
Able to perform the different arithmetical operations.
Able to find the square & cube of a number using these arithmetical operationsStudents will be able to understand the operation of a counter & to design a BCD & Hex counter
Students will be able to understand the Boolean operations & logical operations.
Students will be able to understand the masking operation using this logical operations.
Students will be able to apply knowledge of the functions of C language to Assembly language.
Students will be able to notice the reduction in the code size & how flow of execution takes place in a program using call & ret instructions.
Students will able to understand the different formats of codes.
Appropriate techniques used to convert the code from 1 format to other format.
Students will Understand how to generate delay, how to use serial port & on-chip timer.
Student will be able to program the on-chip timer to provide the sufficient delay.
Students will be familiarized with interfacing concept.
Students will be able to interface & understand a simple calculator operation by performing many arithmetical operations.
Students will be able to understand the how the key pressed in an hex key pad will be displayed on an LCD.
Students will get exposure to Alphanumeric LCD panel and Hex keypad input interface to 8051.
Students know the operation of an ADC .
Students will be able to interface Temperature sensor to 8051& understand its temperature sensing operation .
Students will be able to design and generate different kinds of waveforms such as Sine, Square, Triangular, Ramp etc
Students will be able to understand how DAC is interfaced with 8051 to generate all various kinds of waveforms.
Students can understand how stepper motor & DC motor is interfaced with an 8051.
Students will be able to rotate stepper motor in clock wise & anti-clock wise directions.
Students will be able to control the speed of a DC motor.
Students can understand how Elevator is interfaced with an 8051 & understand the operation of an Elevator.

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