Microprocessor Lab provides the platform for applying the Engineering Knowledge with capability of problem analysis by developing the solutions. The lab has wide variety of Assembly language programs that helps the students to understand and have hands on-expertise of assembly language programming and interfacing of external devices to 8086 microprocessor using DOS environment. Primary emphasis is placed on practical verification of results of programming with theoretical results. Laboratory experiments are conducted to reinforce theory and to provide practical experience with Microprocessors. To create quality manpower in the field of programming engineering, imparting quality hands on training from concept to project using industry standard tools and practices. The program produces well educated, innovative engineer/scientists with Programming & Debugging skills and attitudes which are oriented to new technologies. Students will proficiently use DOS assemblers like MASM, TASM & understand different interfacing concepts and use of Program Peripheral Interface.
The experiments are designed to provide the Students with the design principles of microprocessor systems and real time Programming accomplished by using Microprocessor Kits, Simulators and software development systems. Students will get familiarize with 8086 instructions and DOS interrupts and function calls. Students will be able to Develop and test the assembly language programs to use instructions of 8086, they also get familiarize with interfacing of various peripheral devices with 8086 microprocessor for simple applications. The programming includes the topics related to basic arithmetic instructions, bit multiplication operations, arithmetic instructions to perform code conversion operations, bit code conversion like 2 to 5 and palindrome operations, loop operation using set of loop control instructions, string operations and experiments on interfacing 8086 with the interfacing modules such as Matrix keyboard, Seven segment display, Logical controller & Stepper motor through Digital Input / Output-PCI bus compatible card.
On the completion of this laboratory course, the students will be able to program a microprocessor to perform arithmetic, logical and data transfer applications. Understand assembler directives, DOS Interrupts, branch and loop operations. Interface a microprocessor to various devices for simple applications. Effectively utilize microprocessor peripherals. Utilize procedures and macros for modular programming. Students can able to analyze different addressing modes and instruction working principle. Engineering science students develop skills in systems design with a high level of Programming knowledge.

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