Networks Lab

The Computer Networks Laboratory is designed for the undergraduate students to have the experiment related to the computer networks courses. Networking is developing technology becoming a new emerging trend and developing a variety of programmers and users.The experiment analysis using simulation software’s and application of network protocols. This laboratory also addresses some real time network problems such as congestion ,encryption, error detecting, best or optimal path calculation and file transfer across network. The laboratory equips with a few groups of computer network systems designed for the students to learn the concepts of the communication technologies in LANs and WANs.

Facilities available
Sufficient numbers of systems with required NCTUns simulation software and linux operating systems.
Projectors for lab experimental demos.

Course Objectives

Able use the simulation software for various topologies
Able to analyze simulation results based on different parameters.
Differentiate wired and wireless networks in simulation bed.
Have deep knowledge of socket network programming and FIFOs
Solve various network problem statements
Have deep knowledge about various protocols
Learn the security algorithms.

Course Outcomes

Use the simulation software, plot graph and compare results.
Familiar with contemporary issues in networking technologies,
To be familiar with network tools and network programming
To understand the way protocols currently in use in the Internet work and the requirements for designing network protocols.
To be able to capture and analyze network traffic.
To have a grounding in the theory of basic network performance analysis
To understand and be able to explain security and ethical issues in computer networking
Have an understanding of the issues surrounding Mobile and Wireless Networks.
Have a working knowledge of datagram and internet socket programming
Understand security algorithms
Able to solve network problems such as shortest path, congestion, error detection and correction

Department Outlook

Plus Corporate Partners
Plus Internship Companies
Plus Placements in a year
Plus UG Distinctions
Plus PG Distinctions
Plus Research Papers
Plus Technical Fests
Plus Seminars in past years




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