Microprocessors Lab

To provide practical exposure to the students on microprocessors, design and coding knowledge on 80x86 family/ARM. To give the knowledge and practical exposure on connectivity and execute of interfacing devices with 8086/ARM kit like LED displays, Stepper motor etc.

Facilities available
In this laboratory there is sufficient number of systems with MASM assembler, so that the students can execute 8086 programs comfortably.
sufficient number of interfacing kits
sufficient number of ARM processor kits.
Measuring instruments like digital multimeter, Cathode ray oscilloscope etc

Course Objectives

Understand the architecture of 8086 and ARM Processor.
Impart the knowledge about the instruction set .
Understand the basic idea about the data transfer schemes and its applications
Develop skill in simple program writing for 8086 & ARM 7 and applications
To provide solid foundation on interfacing the external devices to the processor according to the user .
Requirements to create novel products and solutions for the real time problems.

Course Outcomes

To give an overview on the architecture and basic concepts of microprocessor
To write assembly language program in 8086 for various application.
To impart knowledge on the architecture and software aspects of microprocessor 8086 & ARM 7
To provide a framework on the various microprocessor Configurations.
To create the various interfacing techniques with 8086
To give an overview on the architecture and basic concepts of Microcontrollers
To write assembly language program in microcontroller ARM 7 for various application.

Department Outlook

Plus Corporate Partners
Plus Internship Companies
Plus Placements in a year
Plus UG Distinctions
Plus PG Distinctions
Plus Research Papers
Plus Technical Fests
Plus Seminars in past years




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