Design & Analysis of Algorithms Lab

Design and Analysis of Algorithms laboratory is included for 4th sem computer science students. This is a first level laboratory in which students has to design and implement various algorithms in JAVA for the first time and are trained with java programming. This lab enhances analysing and comparing the performance of algorithms using language features.

Facilities available
In this laboratory there are sufficient numbers of systems with java installation.
Projectors for experimental demos’.

Course Objectives

Define the basic concepts of algorithms and analyze the performance of algorithms.
Discuss various algorithm design techniques for developing algorithms.
Discuss various searching, sorting and graph traversal algorithms.
Analyse greedy and dynamic algorithms.
Understand NP completeness and identify different NP complete problems.
Understand Back-Tracking algorithms with Time and Space complexity.
Discuss various advanced topics on algorithm

Course Outcomes

Design algorithms using appropriate design techniques (brute-force, greedy, dynamic programming, etc.)
Implement a variety of algorithms such assorting, graph related, combinatorial, etc., in a high level language.
Analyze and compare the performance of algorithms using language features.
Apply and implement algorithm design techniques and data structures to solve problems.

Department Outlook

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