Data Structures using C++ Lab

This laboratory course enables students to get practical experience in design, develop, implement, analyze and evaluation/testing of various Algorithms. It involves Analysis of Asymptotic performance of algorithms, design of linear data structures and their applications such as Stacks, Queues and Lists, Design of Non-Linear Data Structures and their applications such as Trees and Graphs. Analysis of Sorting and Searching algorithms.

Facilities available
Sufficient numbers of systems with required softwares.
Projectors for lab experimental demos

Course Objectives

To impart the basic concepts of data structures and algorithms.
To understand concepts about searching and sorting techniques.
To Understand basic concepts about stacks ,queues, Linked lists, Trees and graphs.
To understanding about writing algorithms and step by step approach in solving problems with the help of fundamental data structures.
To Strengthen the ability to identify and apply the suitable data structure for the given real world problem
To Gain knowledge in practical applications of data structures .

Course Outcomes

After studying this course, students will be able to
Analyze and Compare various linear and non-linear data structures
Code, debug and demonstrate the working nature of different types of data structures and their applications
Implement, analyze and evaluate the searching and sorting algorithms
Choose the appropriate data structure for solving real world problems

Department Outlook

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