Computer Graphics & Visualization Lab

The COMPUTER GRAPHICS AND VISUALIZATION LABORATORY is designed for the undergraduate students to have the experimental related to the computer graphics and visualization courses. The experiment conduction makes students to understand computer graphics in systematic manner. This laboratory also addresses about light effects, rendering techniques and virtual reality concepts. This laboratory uses State of art software’s like OPEN GL Software to do the lab experiments. In this lab students are developing mini projects based on the theory learnt in computer graphics and visualization which makes students more knowledge on the subject.

Facilities available
Sufficient number of systems with Visual C++ and OPEN GL packages.
Sufficient number of systems with supporting software’s/packages to develop CG projects.
Projectors for lab experimental demos.

Course Objectives

Using Open GL package and built-in functions in Open GL packages.
Designing, developing, and implementing 3D Sierpinski gasket.
Spinning and Basic transformations of objects.
Usage martial properties and different light source.
Different viewing ideas.
Designing, developing, and implementing various line clipping algorithms.
Different polygon filling algorithms.

Course Outcomes

Design and develop programs for drawing Computer Graphics primitives.
Implement different algorithms for line clipping,
Implement different algorithms for line clipping,
Develop different polygon filling ideas and rendering techniques.
Prepare mini software with different material objects and light effect techniques.
Design and develop GUI based graphics packages and games.

Department Outlook

Plus Corporate Partners
Plus Internship Companies
Plus Placements in a year
Plus UG Distinctions
Plus PG Distinctions
Plus Research Papers
Plus Technical Fests
Plus Seminars in past years




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