Systems Software & Operating System Lab

This lab deals with the programs associated with system softwares viz Compilers, Assemblers and Operating systems. Here students learn about unix shell scripts,and knowledge of LEX and YACC tools. Also students learn the basic concepts of operating system programs includes Round-Robin algorithms , Bankers algorithms and other scheduling algorithms.

Facilities available
In this laboratory there are sufficient numbers of systems with LEX and YACC installation.
Projectors for experimental demos’.

Course Objectives

To acquire the implementation knowledge of SS concepts and FAFL grammar concepts through UNIX supported tools LEX and YACC.
Implementation of file handling concepts and process concepts.
Implement the concepts of parser.
Implement the concepts of system software.
To provide understanding of design concepts of operating Systems.

Course Outcomes

Write a shell Program to print the permission of files using shell environment variables.
Able to print parent process id and child process id using system call
Can able to create a new process using fork() system call
Can able to build a bundle script
Can able to Generate a LEX program to count the characters in a file
Can able to generate a YACC program to recognize and evaluate a valid arithmetic expression
Design a multi-threaded program Using OpenMP,
Design a Round-Robin Scheduling Algorithms
Implementation of Banker’s Algorithm

Department Outlook

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Plus Research Papers
Plus Technical Fests
Plus Seminars in past years




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