Database Applications Lab

The major objective of this lab is to provide a strong formal foundation in database concepts, many organizations develops their E-Commerce applications using database as a third tier application. Databases deals with integrity constraints and normalizations, all the relations are tied in set of attributes and tuples. In this laboratory , database applications are developed in SQL or MYSQL software’s.

Facilities available
Sufficient numbers of systems with Oracle 11g database and Visual Basic 8.0
Projectors for lab experimental demos

Course Objectives

Differentiate database systems from file systems by enumerating the features provided by database systems and describe each in both function and benefit.
Define the terminology, features, classifications, and characteristics embodied in database systems.
Analyze an information storage problem and derive an information model expressed in the form of an entity relation diagram and other optional analysis forms, such as a data dictionary.
Demonstrate an understanding of the relational data model.
Transform an information model into a relational database schema and to use a data definition language and/or utilities to implement the schema using a DBMS.
Formulate, using relational algebra, solutions to a broad range of query problems.
Formulate, using SQL, solutions to a broad range of query and data update problems.
Demonstrate an understanding of normalization theory and apply such knowledge to the normalization of a database.
Use an SQL interface of a multi-user relational DBMS package to create, secure, populate, maintain, and query a database.
Use a desktop database package to create, populate, maintain, and query a database.
Demonstrate a rudimentary understanding of programmatic interfaces to a database and be able to use the basic functions of one such interface.

Course Outcomes

Understand , appreciate and effectively explain the underlying concepts of database technologies.
Design and implement a database for a given problem-domain
Normalize a database.
Populate and query a database using SQL DML/DDL commands
Declare and enforce integrity constraints on a database
Design and build a GUI using Visual Basic

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