Chemistry Lab

As the technology rests on the firm foundation of science, Chemistry is an excellent way to help technical students to understand the relationship between science and technology. Experimental work plays a very important role in it.

Engineering Chemistry Lab in DBIT is well equipped to design and execute the experiments and interpret the results obtained henceforth. The Chemistry Lab has equipments for conducting the experiments of the course and also the interdisciplinary projects.

Presently Engineering Chemistry lab accommodates the objective of better understanding of syllabus of 1st year B.Tech and absorbs the theory along with implementing it practically. The experiments have been chosen to develop skill among the learners so that they can measure, differentiate and analyze various chemical processes. This will inlay a deep understanding of the subject to help them solve the engineering problems in their area of work. Chemistry lab can presently entertain 60 students working at the same time in a session. Students experiment in a group of two to learn team work and help each other for the same. The titrations are conducted individually by the student.

Engineering Chemistry Lab incorporates the experiments which involves the volumetric estimation of chemicals and determination of various properties of water samples like Viscosity, pH, conductivity, Hardness, sodium & potassium etc. This lab comprises of the sophisticated instruments like, pH meter, double distillation plant, potentiometer, Viscometer and Conductivity meter Flame Photometer and Spectrophotometer etc. along with the other relevant glass wares, reagents and materials to be studied.

Well labeled charts and laboratory manuals for all experiments facilitate easy reference and aid students to execute the experiments. Lab is operational daily for 6 hours, during which four faculty members and two lab instructors are present for guidance.

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