Mrs.Babitha.S Secured her Bachelor’s Degree from Dr. Ambedkar Institute Of Technology in 2003 and Masters Degree in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems from B.M.S College Of Engineering in 2009. Currently Pursuing PhD from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum. She has around 13 years of Teaching Experience. Currently working as a Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication at Don Bosco Institute Of Technology since 2010. Previously worked at Sri Krishna Institute Of Technology from 2006-2010. Research area involves development of Smart Controller for minimizing Torque Ripple in Switch Reluctance. Has good Communication, Problem Solving skills. Good in Team handling and departmental work management. Her area of Expertise includes Analog Electronics, Microprocessor, VLSI, Logic Design, Power Electronics. She has obtained Diploma in management from IGNOU University. She is life time member of ISTE. She has presented papers in National and International Conferences. Published Papers in International Journals Such as IJPSPE, IJIRSCE.

Academic and Co-curricular Responsibilities :
She Teaches courses in her subject area. As a Lab Incharge Developed an instructional plan for the courses taught and ensures that it meets college and University standards. Plans lessons and assignments. Being a Class Teacher and Test Coordinator Assessed student’s progress by grading papers. As a Mentor she keep informed parents about wards Performance & Regularly Advise students about which classes to take and how to achieve their goals. She has Applied Research proposals for Funding from various Organizations such as KSCST. She has also Published research related work and analysis in academic journals. Guided final year students for completion of project. Conduct Team Building activities such as Quiz and Collage for Students.

Courses Handled :
She is specialised in VLSI and Embedded Systems. The Core subject related to her specialisation is CMOS VLSI which she has handled successfully. Apart from her core area she is also an expertise in Analog and Power Electronics which relates to her research area. Labs related to these subjects have been successfully handled by her. Logic Design Course required for all digital applications is another area of interest. Has prepared lab Manuals related to it and good problem solving skills in this domain. Microprocessor which is built using Digital Devices has been taught by her and helped to improve the programming skills of under graduate students.

Additional Responsibilities as per NAAC or NBA :
Worked for Completion and Updation of NBA File concerned with Vtu Circulars and Time Table.

Papers Published :
• Babitha S, Padmashree Kulkarni, Dr.Jyothi Koujalagi,“Smart Controllers for Switch Reluctance motor” ICCTEST 2016 ,DBIT, ISBN 978-81-931119-5-6. Pg no 363-366.
• Nagraj , Babitha S, “Dual Field Arithmetic Architectures for Cryptography and DSP Applications” ICRTSIV,DBIT,2015 . ISBN 978-981-09-6200-5-89 Page No. 670- 674
• Babitha S, Padmashree Kulkarni, Dr.Jyothi Koujalagi, “Torque Ripple Minimization in 8/6 SRM by variation Of Conduction Angle and XSG for Controller Design” ICRTSIV,DBIT,2015 ISBN 978-981-09-6200-5-89 Page No. 319- 323.
• Lakshmi Devi T R , Babitha S, “FPGA Implementation of OFDM Modem” ICRTSIV,DBIT,2015 ISBN 978-981-09-6200-5-89 Page No. 367-372 .
• Megha , Babitha S“Implementation of Prescaler in Communication System”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology ,ISSN : 2319-8753 Vol. 3, Issue 5, May 2014, Page No.12958 – 12964,(IF-5.442)
• Nagraj , Babitha S, “Design and Implementation of DMAS and DM Architectures for Cryptography” IJARCSSE-Jan 15,Vol 5, Issue1 , ISSN 2277 6451
• Babitha S, Padmashree Kulkarni, Dr.Jyothi Koujalagi “Variation of Conduction Angle to Minimize Torque Ripple in 8/6 SRM and XSG for Controller Design “ International Journal of Power Systems and Power Electronics Vol. 6 No. 1 April. 2016 Pg no 16-18.

Paper Presented :
• Babitha S, Padmashree Kulkarni, Dr.Jyothi Koujalagi “Understanding the Smart Control of Switch Reluctance Motor For Better Energy Management” International Conference on Development of Smart Cities: Interface, Governance and Technology, at Dr.AIT, Bangalore Sept 9-10.
• Ashwini V R, Babitha S, Mamatha U, “Energy Efficient Data Maximization Using Distributed Spatial Correlation Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network with slepian Wolf Coding” ICRTSIV,DBIT,21st – 22nd Feb 2014
• Megha , Babitha S .”Design and Implementation of Prescalar for Different Applications.” NCWCT-2014 held at Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology,Blore
• Babitha S , Bhageerathi , “Bandwidth ,Area Efficient DDR SDRAM Controller” NCRTES -2011 held at DBIT,Blore.

Workshop /Training attended :
• Three days workshop on “Research Methodologies & Latex” held at atDon Bosco Institute of Technology, Bengaluru from 26 to 28 May 2016.
• One-Day Course on Quantum Physics in Nanoengineering To ULSI at DBIT, Feb 2014
• 5 day FDP on “RTIP using MATLAB”,DBIT, Blore
• Two Day Course on FICE at DBIT from Feb 24th –Feb 26th 2014
• Twelve day Workshop on Signals and Systems Conducted by IIT, Kharagpur at RITM B’lore from Jan 2nd to 12th 2014.
• Five Day Workshop on ASIC Design Using Open Source CAD Tool- NMIT,B’lore 12th -16th Mar 2013.
• One Day Workshop on Future Trend in Image Processing and DSP Architecture at SKIT, Sep 2009.
• Two Day Work shop on CMOS VLSI and ASIC DESIGN using Microwind Tool at SIT,Tumkur 27-28th Aug 2009.
• One Day Faculty Development Programme on VLSI LAB at SJBIT,Blore, July 2009.
• One day workshop on Advanced Communication & Microstrip Antenna at NHCE,B’lore 7th feb 2009.
• One day workshop on Advances in Analog & Mixed mode VLSI Design at NHCE,B’lore 28th feb2009.
• Two Day Short Term Training on Microwind Tool at Silicon Labs, Blore.
• One week FDP Conducted by Mission 10X , Wipor at Sambram Institute Of Technology ,B’lore.
• One Day Technical Symposium on Advances in Analog and Mixed mode VLSI DESIGN at JVIT,Blore,May 2005.

Research Area :
Torque Ripple Minimization in Three Phase SRM. Development of smart controllers for Switch Reluctance motor using FPGA .

Achievements :
• Consistent Good Results ( on an average of above 85%) in Subjects Alloted.

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