Mrs Rashmi S B an hardcore educationalist having diversified experience in the field of Electronics and Communication. Has a total experience of 11.5 years in Industry and University. Strong analytical, written and presentation skills backed by solid foundation of technical education and knowledge, Good leadership. She has done her B.E. in Electronics & Communication with FCD from VTU in 2004. M.Tech in VLSI and Embedded Systems with CGPA ‘A’ grade from VTU in 2012. Currently pursuing Ph.D. in VTU with the topic of research “Design of optimized low power CMOS analog components” completed course work and preparing for comprehensive viva. Her specialization in the field of Analog VLSI Design with expertise in CADENCE analog tool. She authored the chapter in text book Handbook of Research on Advanced Trends in Microwave and Communication Engineering

Academic and Co-curricular Responsibilities :
To achieve the vision of the department She is sincerely committed to her work and is engaged in Research activities, conducted workshop for bridging the curriculum gap of the university Mentoring the students to motivate to become good entrepreneurs and leaders for society, course coordinator, Project Guidance for innovative technical projects to enhance the technical education and knowledge, bridge course and other Department related activities.

Courses Handled :
She delivers Lecture on subjects like Basic Electronics,Analog Electronics,Logic Design ,Network Analysis, Electronic Instrumentation, Microcontroller, HDL, Linear integrated Circuits, Fundamentals of CMOS VLSI, Information Theory and Coding, Analog and Mixed mode VLSI design, Low power VLSI Design, Advanced Computer Architecture, Digital signal Compression, Microprocessor, Digital Communication, Control Systems.

Additional Responsibilities as per NAAC or NBA :
NBA Coordinator, Assisting Department Time Table.

Research Publications & presentation:
• Rashmi S B Dr. Siva S Yellampalli published a chapter in the book titled “Handbook of Research on Advanced Trends in Microwave and Communication Engineering “ with chapter name” Review on 60GHz Low Noise Amplifier for Low Power and Linearity” DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0773-4
• Rashmi S B , Dr. Siva S yellampalli, ” Design and analysis of 60GHz frequency divider using MCML logic” Grenz publications 5th Jan 2017 DBIT Bangalore, ISBN No. 978-81-931119-5-75
• Rashmi S B VeenaOli “ 32 bit Power efficient Carry Select Adder UsingXNOR gate 4T” IEEE, SJBIT Bangalore, on 24th Dec 2015 ISBN: 978-1-5090-2399-8/16
• Rashmi S B ,Dr. Siva S Yellampalli “ A 60GHz Inductance Degenerated Low Noise Amplifier” IEEE Coimbatoor, on 18th -20th Dec 2014. ISBN: 978-1-4799-3975-6/14
• Rashmi S B , Dr. Siva S Yellampalli, Sowmya “ ANALYSIS OF LOW POWER SAR ANALOG TO DIGITAL CONVERTERS” ICRTSiV 2014 DBIT Bangalore
• Rashmi S B ,R.Sindhuja“Design and implementation of high speed LFSR” in IJERGS volume 1, issue 3 ISSN : 20912730.
• Rashmi SB Praveen B and Tilak BG “Novel optimized Reversible BCD adder/subtractor” IACSIT International Journal of Engineering and Technology vol 3 no3 June 2011 pg no 230-235
• Shreedhar HK Rashmi SB and Umarani TG “ A Novel RSU algorithm for secured communication” IJEST vol 3 no2 pg no 1222-1227 ISSN :0975-5462
• Rashmi SB and Dr. Siva S Yellampalli “ Design and Implementation of Phase frequency detector and charge pump for high frequency PLL” International Journal Of soft Computing (IJSC) may 2012
• Praveen B Rashmi SB and Tilak BG “ Transistor implementation of reversible PRT gates” International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology(IJEST) vol 3 no 3 Mar 2011 ISSN:0975-5462
• Rashmi SB and Shreedhar HK “Design of novel optimized reversible multiplier” Journal of computing vol 3 issue 3 Mar 2011 pg no 82-87 ISSN:2151-9617
• Rashmi SB Shreedhar HK and Umarani TG “Optimized reversible Montgomery multiplier” International Journal computer science and information Technology(IJCSIT) vol 2(2), 2011,pg no 701-706 ISSN: 0975-9646
• Rashmi SB Praveen B and Tilak BG “An Optimized design of 4-bit Reversible Magnitude comparator and binary subtractor” Elsevier 2011
• Rashmi SB ,R.Sindhuja “Quantum Efficient reversible ALU” in a National conference NCIET held at Christ University Faculty of Engineering, Bangalore in Feb,2015.
• Rashmi SB , Dr.Sivayellampalli “60GHz inductance degeneration low noise amplifier” at ICCIC 2014,IEEE at Park engineering college , Coimbatore.
• Praveen B, Tilak B G and Rashmi S B, "A Novel High Speed Synthesized Adder/Subtractor," Third IEEE International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation, pp. 377 – 380, January 2011.
• Tilak B G, Rashmi S B and Praveen B “A Novel Optimized Reversible BCD adder using reversible CL gate” Third IEEE International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation, pp. 377 – 380, January 2011
• Sandeep Raghu T C and Rashmi SB “Design of low power carry look ahead adder and BCD adder using GDI technique” Third IEEE International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation, pp. 377 – 380, January 2011
• Praveen B, Tilak B G and Rashmi S B “Novel High Speed Reversible adder “International conference on Demand Computing July 2011.
• Rashmi S B Praveen B and Shreedhar HK “A novel quantum efficient ALU design”
• Rashmi SB Praveen B and Tilak BG “Novel Optimized Reversible universal logic gates” Knowledge Utsav conducted by Jain University.
• Has participated in “Research methodologies and latex workshop conducted by VTU in March,2015.
• Has participated in Faculty Development Workshop conducted in RNSIT for Micro controller and HDL lab
• Has participated in Cadence lab workshop conducted in Sambram institute of Technology
• Conducted a work shop on Analog and Digital Devices for 30 III sem UG students with software exposure on LAB –VIEW on AUG 2016.

Research Area :

Achievements :
• Best paper award in ICODC International Conference conducted by Oxford College.
• Has guided various UG and PG projects.
• Best paper award for national conference Knowledge Utsav conducted by Jain University.
• Worked as a reviewer for international journal ICMLC “International conference on machine learning and computing”

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